Nicole Alger is an emerging artist based out of New York City whose unique style and composition has won accolades across the globe. Alger has studied both in the US and in Italy, and the influence of the great masters is apparent in her work. Nicole’s still life work has no equal, and her ability to portray a sense of peace and harmony draws the viewer into her most recent paintings.

Nicole’s work has been exhibited by the Copley Society for Art, The Cultural Center of Cape Cod, and she was awarded a solo show in historic Norfolk, CT, in 2016. The Cecil Byrne Gallery is proud to represent the work of this fine artist.


* The Florence Academy of Art, Florence, Italy

*Studio Cecil Graves, Florence, Italy

*The International School of Art, Todi, Italy

* L’Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts,

*France Duke University

Galleries Shown:

* Galleria dell’Imagine, Florence, Italy

*Artplace Gallery, N.Y.C., N.Y.

*Lyons-Wier Ginsberg Gallery, Chicago, IL.

Awards :

*First Prize at Ninth Annual Competition of Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, and Poetry, Florence, Italy

*First Place, Painting, Art for Art’s Sake show, Florence, Italy

* First Honorable Mention, The National Portrait Exhibition, The Portrait Institute, N.Y.